jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012


Trends at urbe: Those are the most common things that the people use and wear.
Almost everybody have one to communicate with their friends and like a useful tool for study.

  These days men and women wear them because they are very practical and can bring important things.

Converse and Vans are the most widely used because they are very comfortable and their models are beautiful.


My family:

     I have a big family. My father is a civil engineer and my mother is a teacher, for me they are the best parents in the world, they support me and help me with everything that I need. We are four siblings, two girls and two boys. My older sister is a student engineer like me, my younger sister is a lawyer and my brother is a student civil engineer. I have a niece who is like a daughter for me. And I have a aunt who is like my mother and his daughter who is like my third sister, they live with my grandmother next to my house.

My family

My Niece


Hi people, I found this unbelievable and terrible news which I want to share with you, is about a cars accident that happened in England in 2011.

The Article:
'Horrific' accident


7 Dead, 51 Hurt in 'Horrific' Crash
'Massive fireball' envelopes 34-vehicle pileup
A grisly multi-car pileup killed at least seven people and injured 51 today on the M5 freeway in southwestern England, the Daily Mail reports. Enveloped in a dark fog, 30 cars and four trucks collided on the wet roadway and triggered a "massive fireball," police say. Motorists tried to pry open car doors, and emergency responders rescued injured drivers, but police say bodies left "burnt and unrecognizable" may still be trapped in several vehicles.
A nearby fireworks display might have distracted drivers, but witnesses describe a "black hole" of fog that swallowed a truck and started the crash. "A black fog came down and the ... truck literally disappeared," says one witness. "My husband dragged people from the cars, the smell was horrendous and there were a number of explosions." Says another: "It was quite horrific and I have never seen anything like that—I could see people lying on the side of the road." The accident was Britain's worst since 10 were killed and 25 injured in multi-car pileup in 1991.

When I read this I was in shock, while you are driving is amazing how from a moment to another everything can happen and more if something that suddenly happen, like have a distraction. I think that people can prevent such accidents if they just keep their eyes in the road and drive carefully.


Boyfriend Dead

I really don´t know is this happened or not, but here is a story that my cousin told me which happened many years ago in my town.

A woman and her boyfriend were on their way home from somewhere one night, and suddenly his car ran out of gas. It was about one in the morning and they were completely alone in the middle of the nowhere.
The guy stepped out of the car, saying comfortingly to his girlfriend, "Don't worry, I'll be right back. I'm just going to go out for some help. Lock the doors, though."
She locked the doors and sat restlessly, waiting for her boyfriend to come back. Suddenly, she sees a shadow fall across her lap. She looks up to see... not her boyfriend, but a strange, crazed looking man. He is swinging something in his right hand.
He sticks his face close to the window and slowly pulls up his right hand. In it is her boyfriend dead. She shuts her eyes in horror and tries to make the image go away. When she opens her eyes, the man is still there, looking at her and after that, he ran away..

Many people think that it was a planned murder because it happen just one time and some people think that it was the ghost of a psycopath. The true is that I don´t know if this happened and I don´t wanna know! 

lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

VISIT TO PEPSICO (9/03/2012)

                                                                      A GREAT EXPERIENCE WITH FRIENDS

Hope you liked it...      ;)

The Crime not so perfect

1. First the criminal robbed the bank

2. He tried to flee from the crime scene
3. The police caught him

4. Police questioned him about the teft

5. The criminal was judged in the court

6. The criminal was to prison

7. The criminal escaped from prison and he was away with it